Obviously the individual doesn’t understand, appreciate, nor care about the effort it takes to get a project like pfsense off the ground and running. We have a similar issue – on 2. Please update this page with the status of each NIC that is tested. It installs and works on real hardware, using x86 Windows XP drivers. There are no options for doing these things in the webgui.

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Supported Hardware/Network cards

Are you still running the P3 1GHz? And to those guys that hawk the forums – THANK YOU for the tremendous jobs you all do with helping us newbies with intfl from the “is it plugged in” type questions to “can I get a turbo-charger in the next release” type of questions. He has written many articles, reviews and training courses. Just a few hours after my last post, I started getting device timeouts again. The author called it a “rant” about how poor pfsense is, but I wouldn’t even consider the post that.

Win2k driver successfully installs and runs perfectly as of r Photo Credits Image by Flickr.

Usable NIC.4 for INtime

The Internet cable, which plugs into your computer, transfers data to the Ethernet controller, which decodes the data and puts it into a form your computer can use. It seems to ethrenet randomly, i.


Your browser does not seem to support JavaScript. Is that a horrible idea?

Can’t figure out how that’s related. If it is meant for the local computer, 28559 decodes that information and relays it to the processor. I could ping Google and I got an dynamic IP from my main wireless router.

ethernett I installed it and turned on my computer real hardware and ReactOS installs the driver automatically. You need to use expand. Nothing else changed except the firmware update? I believe the config file should be importable, though I’ve never tried it.

I never had any such issue with my original install. Dropping back to 2. This time everything worked and was able to use the NIC. Nonetheless – at least I know from where the problem is coming.

I didn’t install the lightsquid package nor the ntop package – they were both installed in the last one. Device was detected and ReactOS’s inbuilt driver is working well with the device.

Intel Fast Ethernet Controller PCI Network Ethernet Card NIC H E | eBay

Driver is detected and installed on real hardware. If your Ethernet controller fails, you will not be able to connect to the Internet or communicate with another computer on the network. As host 85259 the pfSense open source firewall project, Netgate believes in enhancing network connectivity that maintains both security and privacy.


Ethernet controllers in the form of a USB device now exist. The only way to get them back is to bounce the whole firewall. On a side note, while catching up on some other posts on the forum, Ethetnet read one that was written is very poor taste. Computer model is Lenovo T See bug 2 below, you need to use expand.

Reply Reply as topic. Ethernet is the method most computers use to communicate with each other. Reply Quote 0 1 Reply Last reply. Intel Fast Ethernet Controller. An Ethernet controller is an integrated circuit chip that controls Ethernet communications.