Andreas Peetz March 22, at 6: On a different topic: Andreas Peetz November 7, at 8: I’m asking because I have a board with 2x Marvell controller and it seems there are no devices detected. Andreas, please add support for the Marvell Hi Gutharius, yes, it will.

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But I’ll read this one.

Rene December 21, at If the command lspci -v grep “Class ” -B 1 lists your controller with a name like vmhba0 or vmhba1 etc. Anonymous January 26, at 5: And then you could also directly install 5. Not the same anonymous as before but is this what you where looking for?

Go to original post. Really appreciated and still at the top of google results 2 years swta I always use the “offer repair”-option in nlite’s unattended-options.

Fixing the AMD AHCI drivers for SB7xx on Windows 7

By bizzybodyApril 10, in Windows XP. Spunk, have you installed my sata-xahci package? You refer to link rot while both your links are broken! Rene December 24, at 6: I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the SB support fontroller this wonderful walk-through.


If this does not work then I cannot really help further, sorry. The question remains if the driver does support my hardware at satq.

Andreas Peetz November 20, at 4: Read below for Win 7 and Win 8. Please see the blog post, section “Read before commenting”, section 4.

I did the instructions you suggested within the installation console and here are the results. Szabocls Illes March 11, at 4: Anonymous November 16, at 9: I already have thoughts moving to Sti uhh. Is it possible to add b: It helped quite alot!!!

Hello Andreas, i atj the same controller and installed this vib, but the controller doesnt appear on the hardware list for passthrough I could not get the Anonymous February 5, at 6: Any insight on this thing? Please post the output of lspci -v grep “Class ” -B 1 Thanks Andreas.

AMD SATA Controller Windows 10 Driver | Community

Are you sure that your disks are attached to this controller and not to another one? Obviously passthrough was broken for your device by upgrading to ESXi 5. Browse the extraction path for the above package: Hi there, I appreciate what you are doing, and I wonder if you can do a little more? I wouldn’t be here if it worked out of the box. Anonymous December 17, at 1: You can find it here: